The civic religion of Vali is the product of the religious branch of the College of Dwarven Cosmology which is in turn a satellite of the Great Academy. The primary question which concerns dwarven philosophers is the source of the physical realm specifically its geological elements. There are three equally accepted albeit contrary schools of thought promulgated by the college.

Astrolithists- The theory that all earthly matter came from the stars. In this theory astrology and geology are combined. Gold, for example, is related to the sun and silver to the moon and the attributes of one transfer onto the other. This is why silver is used in charms for hiding because the moon is able to completely disappear monthly.

Jothians- The theory that the world is the cadaver of an ancient God. Water is blood, stone is flesh etc…
This is why certain minerals are used to treat particular ailments, because the physiological correspondence between the God’s body and the patient’s.



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