The Governing Council

The governing council of Vali has many different seats with different powers.

The main body of voting representatives is composed of “clan tongues,” who are either elected or appointed by their clans. Different clans have various different methods of selecting their tongues, ranging from oligarchical appointment to direct democracy. The amount of tongues any clan may have also varies according to tradition.

Separate from clan tongues are Guild archons. As the guilds of Vali are more uniform than clans in their governing structures, the selection process for archons is more straightforward. Each guild has a board of magistrates which elects a single archon once per year. Archons each have one vote, leaving them vastly outnumbered by the clan tongues. However, archons may vote together to veto any motion, as long as they have complete consensus between each other.

The third most important seats belong to the Mootsayers. According to tradition, Mootsayers are selected through complex rituals and hold office for life. Mootsayers disavow their clan ties, and live together in semi-isolation on Mootsay Rock There are three Mootsayers on the Vali council. Once per session, each Mootsayer has the power to silence the votes of a single clan, or to silence a single archon (thus preventing any consensus between archons).

Dozens more positions exist on the council, with miscellaneous powers.


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