The most notable thing about the Ironstone clan is their unswerving devotion to the Jarl-mother. She is understood as the reincarnation of the first matron of the clan from before the founding of Vali. If there were a divergence of opinion between the jarl mother and the city council it is likely that a majority of ironstones would follow her.

The majority of Ironstones work within the city limits as stone carvers and gem polishers except for those who serve as the foremen in the quarry. Traditionally the clan Tongue of Ironstone has also been the guild Archon of the Quarry-workers. The Dwarf currently in this position is Fenlig Duarsohn.

The heraldic insignia of the Ironstones is a crossed hammer and chisel on a Grey field.

As far as religious profile there are several sub groups within ironstone. One is the Ghost-talker Society which is rumoured to use Troll-herb to bring them into a trance in which they can channel their dead ancestors. This group is frowned upon by outsiders but has never been technically forbidden or persecuted. They are said to hold five meetings a year at secret locations which are all likely within the city limits.
The other religious fraternity, calling itself the “Quarry-folk”, is not near as scandalous consisting only of the initiated higher ups in the masons’ guild. They follow a semi-secret set of rituals and practices derived from the antiquated tome “Mystic Doctrines of the Stone Cutters” which is said to have be penned by Olgenos the holy. Most scholars (excepting Ironstone ones) question whether Olgenos ever existed and there is unanimity that if he had he most certainly wasn’t particularly holy. Both the Quarry-folk and the Ghost-talker society revere the jarl-mother.


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