The citizens of Vali tend to be very interested in barter and making profit.


In general, there is one guild for each major industry in the city. Members of a guild pay dues to it, and the highest paying members are the ones who tend to represent the guild in the political sphere. Guild dues are often re-invested for shared economic purpose, the most prominent examples being the large industrial facilities that dot the city, such as the Great Smelt on the outskirts or the massive pottery kiln near the docks.

The Troll Herb Trade

Trolls make travel in the nearby wood perilous. However, it is known to the city dwarves that trolls will trade magic herbs for certain polished stones. A knowing trader will leave such a stone on a fallen log in the night, leave, and return in the morning in the hope that a troll put an herb in its place. However, trolls are mysteriously particular about the stones they will trade for. It is known that they must be dark, have a shiny glint when polished, and be about the size of an acorn. Not much else is known about the trolls’ standards, and it will usually take several attempts with different stones to gain an herb. A local barfly known as Bad Luck Burgenvir is famous for laying out ninety stones over three months and having them all be refused.


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