Economic- Vali Is a Dwarven town known for its mining and industry including a powerful glass workers guild, silver mining union and many independant dock workers and lumber jacks.

geographic- located at the back of a long fjord, between two mountain peaks adjacent to a dark pine forest populated by troll-folk

political- has a unique governance model with an elected city council which includes representatives from each clan and guild.
The city politics are somewhat convoluted with deeply entrenched clan divisions.

spiritual- The mine is connected to a cave system which houses a portal to the “godworld”. The “gods” which dwelt in said world are no longer extant but sometimes otherworldly creatures find their way through the portal and into the mines

religious- The civic religion is palatable to all citizens but lacks depth so there are numerous cults and sects. Each clan sports a plethora of its own mini religions some of which are public and socially acceptable while others are less so.

Demographics: 95% dwarven, humans are shunned, halflings are an accepted minority, Elves are an exotic rarity

history Vali was founded at the tail end of the first Aeon, originally a human fishing village
Dwarven warbands killed the inhabitants and used the town-site to establish a mine and a trade port.


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